Global Wine Importers + Retailers Database

This database is an avenue of wine importers from all around the world. It is our most complete database including 20,100 companies from 131 countries. All companies from the other databases are covered without exception. You have access to a complete list of real information about each company: name, contact details, fax and phone numbers, website address and the origin of imported wines. Plus, a notable number of companies have even more detailed information: the email address of their direct contact persons, financial information, year established and number of employees. read more…

$ 448 / year
$ 379 / year
Germany – Wine Importers Database

A country with tradition for wine and a database with access to essential information about 937 wine importers. If you are looking for phone and fax numbers, website addresses and contact details, this database is for you. read more…

$ 89 / year
$ 79 / year
Hong Kong – Wine Importers Database

Do you think you can make up your mind between 234 companies? Download for the most relevant information: company name, contact details, fax and phone numbers, website, types of wines imported. read more…

$ 49 / year
$ 39 / year
United Kingdom – Wine Retail Stores Database

We know at least 750 wine retailers from the United Kingdom and we have included all of them in this database. So if you are looking for the best retailer or the one that’s closest to you, then download this database. You’ll get instant access to a detailed array of information: company’s name, official email address, website, phone and fax numbers plus more. read more…

$ 69 / year
$ 59 / year