USA Wine Importers + Retailers Database

Version: 08.2018
Contains: This database contains 3,778 wine importers/distributors + retailers from USA. You get instant access to complete details about companies: company name, complete address, phone number, fax number, general e-mail address (for all companies), website and origin of wine imported.
New: The database now includes the name and email addresses of importers’ contact persons (most often the Purchasing Managers).
Bonus: Two databases at no extra fees, one with wine agents and one with large retail chains, include the contact details of those in charge of the wine department.

$ 158.00 $ 178.00

Simple Layout

The database has a user-friendly layout: the main panel provides general database information and content statistics. From the main panel you can easily navigate to the information you need.

Easy to Use

The database uses a simple, clear Excel format and can be easily imported into your company’s software. The database can be accessed even without an internet connection, from various devices (smartphone, tablet, PCs).

Sorting Information

You can list companies according to the type of information relevant to you. Create personalized lists using the following variables: company name, street address, postal code, city/locality, province/state, country, phone, fax, e-mail, website and origin of wine imported.


Access to Detailed Information of Contact Persons

In this new version of the database are included the email addresses of all wine importers + retailers. Some of them also have the name and email address of their direct contact persons. All contact details provided in this database are genuine and checked.

Country Coverage, Delivery Method

This particular database includes information focused on wine importers + retailers from USA. As soon as your payment is confirmed you will be sent an email with the download instructions for the database.

Increased Flexibility

We’re proud to offer you a database that is easy to use. It does not require an installation because it has an Excel format. Because it works just like any other Excel file, it does not need an internet connection. Plus, once you purchase it once, it is yours forever and you only update it when you want.

Compliant With Your Company’s Software

Thanks to the popular Excel format, the database will work flawlessly on most company software – marketing software included. We encourage our clients to import the database in their company software and use or edit the information as they please.

Quick Access

We provide easy access to our products by sending you an email with a password for your database as soon as payment is confirmed. Within 24 hours from that moment you will be granted access to your database.

Company Background Research

Because of the variety of information about wine importers, it is easy for you to run a background check on the companies you are interested in working with. Some databases include details such as companies’ sales figure, number of employees, turnover, and year of establishment.